Duncan Group Limited

providing customers with prestige building materials; personalized, high quality and practical fitting-out solutions.


Founded in 2005, first appeared as a trading company Duncan Group Limited has been dedicated to providing customers with prestige building materials; personalized, high quality and practical interior solutions. Our goal is to examine what and how we can offer that best suit customers’ needs, coming along with innovative design and arresting feature that make interior both functional and aesthetical.


From construction material to workplace solution, Duncan engages in merchandizing and application of high performance furnishing products. Incepted and stationed in Hong Kong, Duncan possesses the instinct in searching for items on which east and west designs interact and intersect. With the strong sourcing capability and acute sense of design, Duncan has grown from a new explorer to a sophisticated company in the work of building materials and workplace solutions.



These years, Duncan has been attempting in sourcing a wider range of building material and innovative furnishing product. While reserving its existing lines of item that have been well known for their durability and premium quality, we aim to obtain more comfortable supplies for people who value design and comfort at the same level.


Workplace solutions in Duncan offer you a wide range of products including: High quality office furniture, storage equipment, work lighting, surface decoration in fine and delicate design, assist you in creating an unique lifestyle, regardless of venue or occasion.


Over the years, Duncan has been introducing numerous distinctive brands from Europe, Asia into the market. Among ginormous number of brands Duncan always strives to seek out some of the most outstanding ones with untapped potentials, ensures that the sophisticated design and qualified manufacturing standards are never missed out in our selections.


At this stage, Duncan mainly focuses on what we have been achieving: delicate design, fine quality, and adaptable uniqueness, which all lead to an extraordinary customer experience. Innovation is our core value, yet customer satisfaction is another. The pursuit of the two achievements is best manifested in our motto:

“Innovation by design, Shared in all lives”

We have a vision to become a leading player in the building material & workplace solution industry to offer inspiration to our customers, while maintaining a dedication to our customers by providing premium services with an all-rounded pursuit of aesthetics.


Our ultimate goal is to make contribution to the world development, making it into a better place that is more comfortable, delicate and efficient with the art of design.